Air Audit

Whether your ultimate goal is financial or environmental, you want to achieve the most efficient compressed air system at the lowest possible life cycle cost.

Our Air Audit service offers detailed inspection, measurement and analysis of your existing compressed air system, using most accurate tools by our qualified technical personnel.

Results and reports from the audit will present:
• The existing air usage
• System strengths and weaknesses
• Recommendations to improve overall efficiency and achieve actual real energy saving.

Type of Audit

Whether it is a simple and fast audit, or a comprehensive analysis, there are 3 types of audit matrix that will meet your objective and needs in understanding and improving your compressed air system.

Essential Audit Premium Audit Comprahensive Audit
Equipments Health Check
• Compressor
• Dryer
• Filters & Accessories
Network Pressure Logging
• Supply Side
• Demand Side
(Multiple points)
Flow Demand Logging
• Supply Pattern
• Usage Points (Main or Specifics Area)
• (Hot Tapping available)
Compressor Efficiency Test
• Power Consumption
• Free Air Delivered
Pipeline Inspection
• Pressure Drop
• Correct Sizing

Needs Essential Audit Premium Audit Comprahensive Audit
Equipment Performance & Health
Energy Consumption & Efficiency
Understand Pressure Drop
Understand Air Demand
Identity Areas of Area Saving