Oil-Free. Care-Free.


Only 100% oil-free = 0% risk of contamination

At Tamturbo, 100% oil-free is all we do. To satisfy the quality requirements of our customers, we eliminate risks of contaminating air. So, we’re the natural fit for industries with 0% tolerance for any risk of of contamination, such as Food & Beverage, Electronics, Chemical, Automotive, Textile, Printing, Pulp and Paper etc.

Superior Efficiency that no other oil-free variable speed compressor can match

  • When moving parts come into contact, friction results in a loss of energy. Also, pressure is lost through filtration. “Oil-free” screws and traditional compressors must rely on multiple energy robbing gears and bearings with mechanical contact, oil seals and oil filters.
  • Due to the complex structure, the efficiency of an “oil-free” screw deteriorates rapidly, resulting from wear of the screw’s Teflon-coating and other components from day one, as soon as they are started. This directly increases the energy consumption by 10 – 15% or more and results in costly overhauls every few years.
  • Tamturbo Touch-Free centrifugal directly helps to increase the energy consumption by 10 – 15 % or more and results in costly overhauls every few years.
  • Tamturbo Variable Speed Drives control the motor speed based on actual air demand to maintain constant pressure with high efficiency. Featuring permanent magnets, these motors rotate at speeds up to 35,000 RPMs for the best efficiency on the market. Our VSD and optional diffuser control enable our industry-leading capacity turndown range of up to 63%. This ensures your compressor matches the air need with the highest efficiency.

Touch-Free Technology gives you Care-Free air


To secure the highest reliability, we use only best components. For example, our impellers are made from toughest titanium to make sure they exceed your expectations. Our ingenious design is simple, it has only high-speed motors with Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB’s) and impellers without any gears, couplings, mechanical bearings or oil seals. The unit is completely maintenance-free with no complications or risk.



Whether it’s planned or unplanned, downtime costs your business. Unlike typical hour-based maintenance, the Tamturbo compressor is touched only when needed. Our ingenious simple design eliminates virtually everything that can go wrong on an air compressor : the gears, bearings, seals, oil separators, oil pumps, filters and of course oil.



We will keep an eye on your compressors so you don’t have to. With our remote monitoring and diagnostic services, users can control the compressor optimization and receive alerts before preventive maintenance is required, such as anticipating intake air filters changes. Plus, 

since there are no moving parts to wear, no oil to change or components to replace, there is no need to stop the compressor and the overall life of your compressor is extended well-beyond the life of “oil-free” screw.



Reliability that can’t be touched



  • Tamturbo compressor direct-drive turbo technology is centered around a few unique principles. At the heart of every Tamturbo oil-free compressor is our patented capacity control and operating system, operating the 3-stage compressor core with the help of industry-leading Variable Speed Variable Speed Drives.

  • Tamturbo proprietary Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) are the key to the Touch-Free technology. By providing friction-free rotation with zero drag or metal-to-metal contact, our components won’t ever or break down. Active Magnetic Bearings react instantly, eliminating vibration completely.