In most industry, Compressed Air Network will rank among the top 3 highest energy consumption utilities.

Reducing the high energy consumption of the compressed air network is therefore one of the top priority of facilityplant management focus.


The FMX Flow Controller is designed to delivers energy saving up to 20% electricity cost of total Compressed Air Network.

More than 3000 installation worldwide, ranging across all types of industries.

Key Benefits :

  • Reduce energy : 7% to 25%
  • Create pressure stability with +/- 1psig
  • Create useful storage
  • Fast response time to demand surge
  • Reduction in Artificial Demand
  • Reduction in Compressed Air Leaks
  • Payback period within 1 to 2 years

How it Work :

  • The FMX Flow Controller is designed to operate at the intermediate point of the compressed air system ; i.e. on the downstream of Dryers / Receivers & upstream of the main piping distribution system.
  • FMX creates useful storage which isolates Compressors from demand side peaks & troughs to provide a stable air supply at optimum pressure.
  • It monitors demand side rate of change of pressure & releases only required amount of storage air to satisfy the peak demands instead of starting additional compressors.
  • Energy is saved through reduction in mass of air & reduction in load period of compressors.

Specification :